Pulse Technology Partners designs, engineers and manufactures radar devices that deliver accurate, real-time speed measurements. We employ proprietary digital signal processing algorithms and state-of-the-art intelligent target acquisition techniques to provide our clients with industry leading accuracy and speed measurement across all ranges.

Brands and Product Lines Carried by Pulse Technologies

About PTP

Pulse Technology Partners, LLC offers leading edge traffic management tools to law enforcement entities worldwide. Find out more about who we are and what we offer. Learn More Here>>

Power in Your Palm

The PulseMINI™ Radar from Pulse Technology Partners fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t let its small size fool you. It is one powerful, reliable and durable tool when it comes to measuring speeds. Learn More Here>>

Pi-Lit™ Road Safety Flare

The PiLit™ Sequential LED Road Flare provides the best in traffic guidance safety. Designed to replace traditional flame based flares, this “Smart Flare” is easy to deploy and gives a clear warning sign and directional information. Learn More Here>>