Pulse Technology Partners, LLC

Decatur Surface Velocity Radar

Handheld Surface Velocity Radar

The Handheld SVR allows hydrologists to quickly and safely determine the surface velocity of water even during emergency conditions. Hydrologists can use the portable handheld SVR to easily and efficiently obtain real-time data.

  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 ft/s (+/- 0.03 m/s)

  • Measurement Range of 1 – 65ft/s Makes It Fit for High Flow Conditions

  • 5-Digit LCD Display with Backlighting for Low Light Use

  • Automatic Angle Correction (Vertical) and User Selectable (Horizontal)

  • Ships with Detachable Power Cord and Rechargeable Batteries

  • SKU: SVR2-01SAN