Pulse Technology Partners, LLC

The Decatur Genesis 3

The G3 Advanced Traffic Radar

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Police Radar Utilizing 32-bit DSP Processing

  • KA Directional with Truly Outstanding Performance

  • Compact Size Smaller, Lighter Without Compromising Compatibility

  • Easy-to-Read Alpha Numeric Amber Displays

  • Best Display Readability in the Industry

  • Operational Compatibility with the G2 – No Retraining Required

  • Highest Quality with the Lowest Cost

  • All Black Design for Stealthy Installs

  • Right-Sized Wireless Hand Remote with Magnetic Mount

  • Detachable Front Display, Capable of Remote Mounting

  • Standard Modes: Directional Target, Same Target, and Same Direction

  • Best Life Cycle Costs Due to Reliability and Low Cost Wear Components

  • Made in the USA

  • SKU (Single Band): G3-1KaD-MPH

  • SKU (Dual Band): G3-1KaDB