Pi-Lit™ Helicopter Landing Zone Kit

Pi-Lit™ Helicopter Landing (LZ Kit)

The Pi-Lit® LZ (Landing Zone) Kit employs state-ofthe-art radio technology to create a safer landing zone area for rotary-wing aircraft. Five LED flares flash in unison to create a visible “constellation” to help the pilot distinguish the landing lights from the light-noise of surrounding ground-based emergency vehicles. Quick to deploy; easy to store; the pi-Lit® LZ Kit is another smart product from Pi Variables, Inc.

Perfect for police, fire, first responders, med-evac and military, the pi-Lit LZ Kit packs small and brightly demarcates the ground crew-cleared area for helicopter landing. The pi-Lit LZ Kit uses either infra-red or visible LEDs (or both) to allow for NVG approach. Designed to mark the corners of a 30 meter square (100 feet) with the 5th flare placed outside of the square to denote wind direction.


Pi-Lit™ Helicopter Landing (LZ Kit) Specifications

  • Powered by 4 off-the-shelf AA-Alkaline batteries
  • No tools required to change batteries
  • Battery life: 72 hours of continous flash (pattern and LED flash dependent)
  • 360 degree horizontal viewing angle, 180 degree vertical viewing angle
  • 12 Infra-red Side LEDs, 4 Visible Green Top LEDs
  • Rugged (can be driven over, dropped, etc.)
  • Heavy and dense (not effected by rotor wash)
  • Use in all weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, snow, rain, ice, fog, etc.)
  • Radio-linked mesh network (no master or slave; no infrared communication)
  • 100 foot (30.48 meters) when on ground (greater when off the ground)
  • Five flares in each kit – 4 corner flares and 1 wind direction flare
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • FCC Compliant

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