Pi-Lit™ Sequential Barricade Style Warning Lamp

Pi-Lit™ Sequential Barricade Style Warning Lamp

The latest technology for improved highway safety is the pi-Lit® Sequential Lamp System. This patented radio technology represents a modern replacement for traditional warning lamps. The pi-Lit® Sequential lamp system is “smart”, easy to use, and safe to deploy. Studies reveal that sequential lamps are better at warning drivers at lane closures, detours, and active construction zones. Study results reveal that drivers slow down sooner and change lanes earlier when sequential warning lights are used when compared to traditional Type A/C warning lights.

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Increased Visibility
  • Greater Overall Safety


Pi-Lit™ Sequential Barricade Style Warning Light

  • Supports tappers of any number of lamps
  • Powered by four off-the-shelf D-Cell Alkaline Batteries
  • 4-5 month battery life (dependent upon pattern setting, flash direction, day/night mode)
  • Radio-linked mesh network (no master or slave; no infra-red beam limitation)
  • 100 meter range (330 feet) between lamps
  • Can be used in any weather condition (sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, fog, etc.)
  • Deployment in any shape (circle, linear line, around corners/bends, etc.)
  • MUTCD and I.T.E. Compliant (MUTCD 6F.83)
  • 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

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