Speed Management for Peace of Mind

Pulse Technology Partners, LLC, corporate headquartered in Brentwood, TN, offers a wide range of speed measurement and traffic calming products for the law enforcement community. From our OnSite 300MX mobile deployment unit to the pole mounted OnSite 75MX to the handheld PulseMINI Radar, all of the products offered by Pulse Technology Partners provide high quality, advanced technology solutions to police forces nationwide. In addition, Pulse Technology Partners, LLC also offers complimentary traffic management hardware and software.

Pulse Technology Partners, LLC is the exclusive distributor for Decatur Electronics, manufacturers of the OnSite 300MX and OnSite 75MX.

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OnSite 300MX™

Any patrol car can tow this small, lightweight trailer. Tow it to almost any straight stretch of road, roll down the trailer’s jacks, swing up the display and you’re ready to slow traffic. With easy deployment, a tough steel exterior and a price you can afford, the OS 300MX makes a great addition to your traffic enforcement arsenal. Speed Trailer

View OnSite 300MX™ Info Page

OnSite 75M™ 

The OnSite™ 75M is a light weight, pole mounted speed sign that is available in different configurations to meet your application needs. The modular design allows for easy installation and service with state of the art high intensity LEDs that are visible to over 1,000 feet. Speed Trailer View OnSite 75M™ Info Page

PulseMINI Handheld Radar

Pulse Technology Partners, LLC introduces the PulseMINI™, a first in a series of innovative radar technologies. The PulseMINI™ is the next BIG thing in traffic enforcement. Handheld Radar Unit View Pulse MINI™ Handheld Radar Info Page

OnSite 200MX™

The OnSite™ 200MX Speed dolly is a compact and portable radar message sign that is easy to transport and quick to deploy. It is ideal for school zones, gated communities and commercial parking lots. Speed Trailer View OnSite 200MX Speed Dolly Info Page

SpeedSpy™ Covert Traffic Reporting

The SpeedSpy™ collects traffic information using Decatur Electronics’ radar. Adapts for use on many roadside poles and provides a simple tracking solution for speed data collection. Speed Management Devices View SpeedSpy™ Covert Traffic Reporting Info Page

Genesis™ II Select

The Genesis™ II Select dash mounted radar is one of the premier point-and-shoot radar gun products on the market today. The Genesis™ II Select comes with a compact design that is incredibly easy to use and an intuitive graphics display that is easy to read. It can track vehicles moving in all four directions. When speed and precision matter most, nothing beats the Genesis II™ Select. Dash Mounted Radar View Genesis™ II Select Info Page

OnSite Matrix™

The OnSite™ Matrix Modular Display allows you to display current speed, messages or graphics based on vehicle speed giving enhanced options for traffic calming applications. Speed Trailer View OnSite Matrix Modular Display  Info Page

Scout™ Handheld Directional

Powered by rechargeable AA batteries, the Scout™ Directional Radar offers proven directional radar no matter where you are. Charge the Scout in the car or use it on motorcycles, roadsides or wherever you need traffic enforcement. Handheld Radar View Scout™ Handheld Directional Info Page