Pulse Technology Partners, LLC

GPS + 2 X 3G/4G/LTE + 2 X Dual WiFi Antenna

GPS + 2 X 3G/4G/LTE + 2 X Dual Wifi Antenna

No Drilling! Unit mounts using adhesive tape with 3 x 10 foot RG174 cable & SMA male connector for the GPS and LTE line and 2 x 10 foot RG174 cable & RP SMA male connectors for WiFi line. This unit offers very high-performance, customers love using it with their ruggedized tablets, cellular modems, etc.

  • Excellent Choice for Leased Vehicles

  • GPS Antenna: LNA Gain: 26 db, Cellular Antenna Gain: 2.5 dBi

  • Perfect for When the Typical Roof Mount Antennas Are Not Practical

  • Small, Covert Size: L=7 x W=2 and T=2 Inches

  • Field tested, and Compatible With Cradlepoint IBR900, IBR1100, IBR600